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iwebsitemaker is a software that allows businesses or individuals who have minimal or no IT knowledge to build a website online easily. Their domain – fits well into the product name. This is a good solution for people who want to have a website up and running fast without worrying too much about the technical details.

The home page looked simple and clean on first look. I thought the white menu text looked good on the blue background. The big text “Build a Website in 3 Easy Steps” was good in capturing my attention. However, buy cialis the description beneath the big text was small. Picture speaks louder than words. How about a simple animation or diagram to illustrate how easy it is to create a website using iwebsitemaker?

There were a lot more text after that and I felt that the words were all cramped together. A bit more space between the paragraphs would be good. Sections such as “How do I get started”, help “The Perfect Tool for Small Businesses”, “Easy Website Building Tools” and “Industry Recognized” could easily be menu items by themselves. The long text near the footer looked more like a disclaimer and I thought they should be removed. Perhaps they were there for SEO reasons? Among all these items, I found how do I get started the most important of all. I was fired up when I saw the text “Free 15 minute coaching Call to guide your through the basics”. I was anxious to see a real demo of the product.

fig 1. Choose Your Website design

fig 2. Need to fill in a form?

After selecting the template in step 1 (fig 1), I was asked to fill in a form in step 2 (fig 2). Errrrr. Just as things were getting exciting, I was disappointed that I was asked to fill in my details before I could continue. This must be the dropping point for most people. I also noticed there were no proper title for the pages.

The website festures page was an important page but it was too wordy for me. The words would mean nothing to people who were not IT savy.

The table in the website pricing page captured my attention more. I knew that I would be paying for $17.95 instead of $1700. Again, I hoped to see less words, more diagrams, bigger graphics, buttons or icons.


For websites that were selling services or products such as, I thought that the focus should be on marketing rather than SEO. I wondered how much organic traffic could get from search engines. If I was the webmaster, I would put myself on the shoes of a potential buyer and build a usable site. I would create a video that walk-through the process of creating a website using the software and come up with some marketing ideas such as running an affiliate system or giving discounts.