Used Caravans In Brisbane is a single pager website that specialises in selling second hand caravans, camper trailers, campervans, motorhomes and more. The sites looks simple and professional.

Upon first visit, I looked at the headers and I didn’t know whether “” on the left or “Brisbane camper land” on the right was the logo? Interestingly, I thought “Sales | Accessories | Service” were links and I tried to click on it. I then realised that it was an image… mmm… could this be the logo?

There was no navigation or whatsoever. So it looked like everything that they wanted to tell was encapsulated within one single web page. I thought that was cool. The caravan image beneath the logo looked good. “Looking for Quality Used Caravans?” in the header also explained clearly what the site was about.

In the content area, I saw a big search box. I would love to have an option to view different display for the search results (tabulated) rather than just scrolling them horizontally. Giving users an option to sort by price, make or model might also be a nice feature.

Fig 1. Nice popup

Clicking on “More information” gave me a nice popup in the middle of the screen (see fig 1). However, clicking on the images within the popup revealed another popup – not too nice. Clicking on “Enquire Now” also had a popup further down the screen – Not too nice as well.

The “Buy With Confidence” part was good but I would love to see some real testimonials and pics.

The footer looked quite standard but too much text to my liking (typical seo stuff…urghh).


In conclusion, is a nice and simple site that communicates. I hope to see more real pictures of people and vehicles behind the scene. For businesses like these, I think giving people more “sense of being on the ground” is very important.