Express Identification Products is the website of express, a company that provide barcode and labeling solutions in San Diego, California.

The homepage looks good but a bit old school. I like the different labels in the header and the 3 columns in the content area. However, there was nothing that could draw me to click on any of the links. The featured product is probably the highlight of the page, so maybe the use of bigger graphics or nicer buttons might draw people to click on it.

The statement “A leading manufacturer of Identification Products Serving customers worldwide since 1984.” should also appear higher up or earlier to let people know what the site is about earlier.

The homepage also appeared static as there were no dynamic elements like news flash or testimonials. People might think that the site has not been updated for ages.

The homepage wasn’t badly designed. It just wasn’t spiced up enough and too static.

fig 1. different layout for inner pages?

The inner pages looked simple and easy to navigate but the layout was totally different from the homepage. I did get a different experience when I was in the inner pages. The “view all products” page (see fig 1) should have more visuals, so putting thumbnails beside each product would help improve user experience (even allow bigger popup images upon clicking on the thumbnails).

The product pages looked good but I hope the font size to be bigger to improve readability.

In conclusion, I like to see a seamless transition from the home page to the inner pages (same layout, footer, header…etc). The site had great content but they were too boring and dead. I hope to see some more moving elements and buzz.