Eastern Wisdom and True Happiness

www.happymonkeyz.com is a blog dedicated to people who wish to find true happiness and meaning in life. The blog tries to answer the question of How Can I Be Happy with articles on religion, click eastern wisdom, seek philosophies and life in general. The website looks stylish and bright when I first saw it.

The homepage looks clean with a big tag line “How Can I Be Happy?” in the header. I also saw the colorful logo with a monkey sitting in a meditation posture. The site definitely looks like a typical blog with the sidebar on the right and main content in the center. The homepage has 8 postings, a lot to scroll for a typical user like me. There was also a lot of space on the right. How about filling them up with some content? some adverts?

As I scrolled down, I finally reached the footer. There was a thick blue ribbon with nothing in it… perhaps it was a place holder for something else.

I would imagine as time grows, the article base would get bigger. I would love to see some categories such as “Inspirational quotes”, “Wisdom”, “Spiritual Text”…etc so that I could find the articles more easily. However having said that, there was the tag cloud on the right as well.

The single pages were also well designed and consistent with the look and feel of the main site. On the Wisdom and Intelligence article, I saw a nice content image followed by a quote. The quote was also pinterest compatible – nice! I also like the floating toolbar on the left. The space on the sidebar really needed some work.

In conclusion, happymonkeyz is a nice blog with valuable content on wisdom, eastern philosophies and spirituality. Although the site is new, I could already see some potential of it growing into something bigger. The author should start focusing on building up the content and think of how to fill up the empty spaces on the sidebar. Perhaps another objective is to try to get more comments and followers with social media campaigns so as to make the site look busier.