Astrology online

On the first look, the site looked quite interesting. As I navigated the pages more, I noticed some title of the internal pages looked a bit over overwhelmed for me and I didn’t know more than half of it – for example “Manglik Shanti Yagna, Affliction of Mars, Yagna performed by a Manglik, Prayer to Lord Hanuman, Astrological yagnas, astrological remedies, personal yagna, personalized yagna, stotra, paath, Astrologers in India, Astrology Online, Vedic Astrology, Ask Astrology Question”. I also noticed stuffed keywords and meta tags. Was this a sign of over seo? Actually, I didn’t have a problem with that but perhaps they could define the terms to newbies like me so that my stay at the site would be more enjoyable. The width of the body was 820px and I thought they could make it bigger as most people today use much higher resolution screens. Better still, make it responsive.

As I looked at the header, I saw a logo on the left and some small links here and there. There was also a tick scroller and a flashing “click here to join facebook”. These were all outdated technologies. Modern websites today focus on conveying messages quickly and taking out all the fancy stuff. The “contact us” was a popup window, another big no no for modern day websites.

I saw quite a lot of content in all pages which was a good thing. Almost every page included a custom header image which was interesting as well. The verisign secure logo was good but the navigation on the left was confusing. They needed a user journey plan for different users. Say I am someone interested in astrology, love, horoscope or yoga, how can you make the website idiot proof for me? Don’t give me too many choices. Put a few big and obvious links and guide me through the site.


In conclusion, is a good domain name with really interesting content and pics. As someone who loves astrology, I found myself lost in the site easily. Many astrology sites are flashy and confusing to navigate and this one is no exception.