An intranet is the cousin of the internet

An intranet is the first cousin to the internet and it yields a degree of credit to your business. I was fortunate to be working for a design agency in Edinburgh some years ago. The agency was being reviewed for a prestigious Scottish award and the MD wanted to win the award desperately. I was assigned the mission of designing and content managing the intranet.

Our first objective was to establish goals! In my case, my two most important goals for the intranet were:

1. Usability – It had to be something that could repeat over and over again without people getting tired of it.

2. Functionally – It must perform when the employees want to obtain and search for data.

Step 1: Research

The best start is to research. I asked around with questions about how the intranet would benefit them and what documents would be of use. Many staffs were kind enough to share with me their experiences about what they liked about the intranet and what they didn’t. I also researched other intranets and assessed what their strengths and weaknesses were. Finally, I came up with a set of features I want the intranet to have.

Step 2: Sitemap

This is a project the whole company will benefit from so a happy camp is vital. After gaining an understanding for the vision and necessities of the intranet, I sketched out a site map. I believed that a site map is vital to gaining an understanding of how the site is going to flow. It also ensures that I will have a clear path of what is required. To cover all my bases, I sat down with the MD, Operations Manager and the Web Developer to gain input and map out the sitemap. This ensured that my sitemap was watertight and that I had left nothing out.

Step 3: Getting Content

I started data mining early for the relevant content. It is very important to stick to the site map so you don’t get off track as building an intranet can be a long and tiring task. I had to ensure that all the information was up to date and relevant. Many emails were send to people in the company to get the the documents I needed. I also took down alot of notes and I believed effective time and assets management helped me alot that time.

Step 4: Designing

The aesthetics for the intranet is an extremely important element. In my circumstances, the design had to be with consistent with the company’s identity. Every day the MD, Creative Director and staff would be logging on to this – so I had to ensure that the design is non invasive, friendly and timeless. After a long brain storming process, I finally decided to import a concept into the design, ie to used pictures of staff outings and our favorite quotes in all the pages. As you can see from the screen shots, I tried to keep the navigation as simple as possible to improve the user friendliness of the system.

Step 5: Reflection

I kept reminding myself “To be educated and to educate”. That motivated me to develop compelling, user-friendly web page content and page layouts. Regular conversations and meetings prevented me from going down the wrong path. It also offered me inspiration and fresh ideas to re-design the webpages. One important process during this project was the 2 way communication between me and the web developer. The web developer had certain Dos and Donts for the intranet. He told me how he was going to code it and place it on our web server. That piece of information was important to my design.


I learnt alot when designing the intranet. The 5 steps described above are the basic elements I find vital to building a well excepted and functional intranet. PS – The company won the award.






Popular Harry Potter Site


Let go of the day to day troubles and step back to when you were a teenager. This site is for frantic Harry Potter fans and offers everything under the sun for viewers. The target market is clearly for kids and teenagers. After spending a while on the site, you will learn that its creators are also teenagers. This has both positives and negatives.


After having a quick browse on the homepage, I was still none the wiser to what this website was truly about. I figured the ‘About Us’ link could provide a general overview of the sites core functions and some quick answers but instead, i came out of that one knowing nothing more about the site but a whole lot more about the site creators (They enjoy watching The Simpsons, listening to ‘random music’ and ‘eating cereal’………….).

This confirmed to me that the site was not run by commercial professionals. Perhaps if I were their target market, I would be none the wiser. offers a million and one functions such as reviews, links, competitions, newsletter, quotes, job openings…the list goes on. It’s a great factory for pumping out anything and everything for Harry Potter and all of his freinds.

The magic of Harry Potter in the movies really pulls you in… it would have been nice if the design of the site replicates that.


The visual links are displayed on the left hand side and are consistent with the overall design. It is also easy to navigate around the site without getting lost. Though the graphics looks cool, the design is a little bit crowded and overloaded with content, banners and links. The colour scheme could also have been a little bit more friendly. The white bulky text against the stark black background is to much for my poor eyes. It seems that this is a reason for me to de-credited the site. There are a few little extra surprises such as being able to choose your own Harry Potter wall paper on the homepage.

When I visited the site, Harry Potter’s traffic seems to be standard with its most recent posts added 15 hours ago. However, the webmasters claim that they have 125,000 hits per day. The average time spent on the site is 14 minutes and the average visitor only view 2 pages.


If i consider myself as a teenagers who is a major Harry Potter fan, I would probably not notice the little faults above and may think is a groovy and informative site. The design, aesthetics, advertising and content could be a little more constructive and less invasive. However, having said that, I have to admit that certainly has loads of content, great links and fun for Harry Potter lovers with some extra special touches.