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Name: Suzanne Day
Registered: 2009-07-17 10:31:49

Suzanne Day has 9 years experience in the printing industry, from binder / finisher through to graphic artist / web designer. She is also an internationally published poet, and operates her own website design business at On the weekends, Suzanne is an avid rockhound and lives in Melbourne, Australia. Suzanne Day is a freelance designer with natural talent, wide-ranging abilities and extensive experience in print, web and advertising design, based in Melbourne, Australia. Her passion is creativity and her tools are personal attention, expertise and client satisfaction. With over nine years experience in the Australian printing industry as a Graphic Designer, Graphic Artist, Desktop Publisher, Binder/Finisher, Editor and Professional Writer, Suzanne is well placed to offer design solutions ranging from logotypes and stationery to advertising, booklets and product packaging. Since 2003, Suzanne has created and maintained websites for small businesses worldwide and enjoys consulting with clients about internet solutions. Previous clientele include Fairfax Community Network, Victorian Gem Clubs Association, College of Lactation Consultants Victoria and Accent Graphic Design & Advertising and span a broad section of the community - advertising, agriculture, industrial cleaning, IT, local government, logistics, medical, recreational clubs, retail and other web design companies. WHAT I DO WHEN I'M NOT WRITING FOR SITECRITIC I love to create things, not only on computers but with my hands. My ever-growing hobbies include lapidary, sewing, quilting, beading, polymer clay, singing, dancing, fossicking, reading books, writing poetry, playing computer games, creating embroidery patterns etc. The web is a fascinating place, full of techniques and patterns I would not normally have access to, hence my interest in all things internet! Interesting websites: HostingBay (cheap and reliable Australian hosting)EmailCash (click on a banner every day to earn $50+ per year)

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