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iwebsitemaker is a software that allows businesses or individuals who have minimal or no IT knowledge to build a website online easily. Their domain – fits well into the product name. This is a good solution for people who want to have a website up and running fast without worrying too much about the technical details.

The home page looked simple and clean on first look. I thought the white menu text looked good on the blue background. The big text “Build a Website in 3 Easy Steps” was good in capturing my attention. However, buy cialis the description beneath the big text was small. Picture speaks louder than words. How about a simple animation or diagram to illustrate how easy it is to create a website using iwebsitemaker?

There were a lot more text after that and I felt that the words were all cramped together. A bit more space between the paragraphs would be good. Sections such as “How do I get started”, help “The Perfect Tool for Small Businesses”, “Easy Website Building Tools” and “Industry Recognized” could easily be menu items by themselves. The long text near the footer looked more like a disclaimer and I thought they should be removed. Perhaps they were there for SEO reasons? Among all these items, I found how do I get started the most important of all. I was fired up when I saw the text “Free 15 minute coaching Call to guide your through the basics”. I was anxious to see a real demo of the product.

fig 1. Choose Your Website design

fig 2. Need to fill in a form?

After selecting the template in step 1 (fig 1), I was asked to fill in a form in step 2 (fig 2). Errrrr. Just as things were getting exciting, I was disappointed that I was asked to fill in my details before I could continue. This must be the dropping point for most people. I also noticed there were no proper title for the pages.

The website festures page was an important page but it was too wordy for me. The words would mean nothing to people who were not IT savy.

The table in the website pricing page captured my attention more. I knew that I would be paying for $17.95 instead of $1700. Again, I hoped to see less words, more diagrams, bigger graphics, buttons or icons.


For websites that were selling services or products such as, I thought that the focus should be on marketing rather than SEO. I wondered how much organic traffic could get from search engines. If I was the webmaster, I would put myself on the shoes of a potential buyer and build a usable site. I would create a video that walk-through the process of creating a website using the software and come up with some marketing ideas such as running an affiliate system or giving discounts.

800 numbers is a website that provides reviews and ratings of various 800 number service providers. The website looked quite standard with all the important information on the front page.

I thought the logo on the top left was too simplistic. A bit more effort could lift the brand up a bit. The tag “affordable 800 number services” below the logo was good but could be in a more visible place. The top navigation below the logo was simple but needed a bit of breathing space. I felt that the author was trying to the show the 800 service plans quickly but might have missed out on the aesthetics. I had no idea of what monthly, “pay as you go” or “international 800” service plans meant and I got lost on the front page easily after looking at the comparison charts. Furthermore, there were alignment issues with the table cells.

Looking at the Monthly Service Plans and taking RingCentral for example, I found it hard to read the reviews first before going to the website; I clicked on the service link on the left (which brought me to RingCentral directly) rather than the RingCentral Reviews link. I hoped the comparison could be replaced by more icons and bigger text.

Fig 1. A lot of text on Review Page

The RingCentral review page was full of text (see fig 1). I hoped to see some graphics and icons to cut down my reading time but couldn’t find any. The “Try RingCentral Mobile Free for 30 days” could be placed more prominently in several places rather than just towards the end of the page. Potential customers might want to click on the link before scrolling till end of the page.

Fig 2. Alignment issues with the footer.

As I read further, I noticed some good information about toll free phone service. I felt I was reading a FAQ section on the homepage. My homepage impression was concluded with a non-consistent footer. On further thought, I thought that the homepage might have been tweaked or designed specifically for SEO purposes even though it was not as user friendly as I liked to be.

The “About” and “Contact” page was quite empty and I didn’t take in anything from it. The resource page seemed to be a linked exchange directory and I was quite skeptical about the resume links there. The article page was more interesting and contained links to relevant pages. After reading some of the articles, I thought they were quite static and existed more for SEO purposes.


In conclusion, was a website that depended a lot on the success of the homepage. I hoped to see more links on what 800 was about earlier on before seeing the comparison chart. I also hoped to see more graphics and consistency in content alignment within the site.

Easy Website Builders reviews the top website building services around. Creating a website can be complicated for people who aren’t tech savvy or have never created one before. Using third party services can help one to create a website without much effort.

The homepage

The homepage looked simple and its message was clear to me. There was not much of fancy design going on… The headers was simple with the text “Easy Website Builders” followed by an explanation of what website builder services was about. I was thinking whether a layman would even know what a website builder is and bother reading the chunk of text underneath the header. It might be a good idea if the webmaster could highlight words like “Free website building software”, “no programming knowledge” and “allow anyone to build a website in minutes”.

The highlight of the website seemed to be their website builder review service. In fact, I was drawn towards the stars in the review section on the homepage on first look. I expected a more prominent “Read Review” link but it turned out that the “visit site” link was much bigger. How about having both links equally prominent?

Scrolling further down, I saw blocks containing short description of each website creation service, like Wix, Hub, 1 & 1…etc. To be honest, I prefered the design of these bigger blocks of content rather than the comparison table above. How about combining both layout together? It would be cool if the description of each service could be shown as tooltips when the user mouseover the links in the table.

Scrolling down even further, I saw articles on “choosing the right online website builder for you” and “who needs a website builder”. I didn’t have the mood to read anymore! The homepage was a bit too much to digest. I got a feeling that the webmaster wanted to tell too much in the homepage or it could be for seo reasons.

The Review Page

fig 1. Website builder Review Page

I clicked on the hub review and jumped onto the review page.The “click here to visit” seemed to be out of place on top. A better idea might be to move it closer to the end of the review as people would have decided if they want to click on the link or not. I doubt putting it so high up would receive any clicks. I also hoped to see more visuals or even embedded videos to help me understand their service better. The hub review page was too wordy and pitchy for me. I also compared it with wix review. The later seemed to have more comments. The right column throughout the site was very empty. The webmaster could certainly do something with it.

Other Pages

As I navigated the site, I couldn’t find any interesting content. Even if I was a potential customer, my interest died quite quickly. The homepage was an exception. I also found the “about us” and forum to be quite empty. The contest page was cool and I hoped that that could be featured more prominently in other parts of the website (how about the right column?). The polls section didn’t do much and I would suggest removing it from the site altogether.

Conclusion looked like a typical affiliate website. I hoped to see more interactivity and promotions in the homepage. Perhaps the owner might also want to think about how to make the website stand out from the rest.

Fantastic Resource For Job Seekers is a website that provides career advice, helps people to write resume and search for jobs. The design of the site is standard but the content is rich. Anyone interested to find a new job might find this site interesting.

First 5 mins on Homepage

Upon landing on the homepage, I was drawn towards the logo on the top left. I thought the gradient background on header was a bit old fashion. The logo looked pale sitting on the greenish background. The top menu was boring as well but the menu item drop down was functioning – again some polishing would be great.

fig 1. Commonly found spacing issues.

The sharebar above the “Career Advice – Job Search – Resume Service Reviews” seemed out of place. Perhaps making the bar a bit bigger and putting it under the title? It was a good idea to put graphics beside the content like what the author has done. However, the graphics needed more breathing space around it. Some consistency in the size of the graphics used throughout the site is also a good idea. Also, some graphics had rounded corners while some didn’t.

Scrolling further down, I found the content a bit too much for me but might be interesting if I were to be a job seeker. I liked the step by step flow of content, i.e. resume writing tips -> cover letter writing -> resume distribution -> job search -> interview -> starting a new job. Perhaps a diagram to highlight this process would be great.

Next 10 mins

The right column seemed to be pretty standard throughout the site, i.e. job search, advert, latest tweets, job search resource, newsletters signup, “improve your brain” and a survey. I would suggest some variation across different categories to keep visitors engaged.

fig 2. Nice resume writing service listing

The highlight of the site seemed to be recommendations to use 3rd party services. Under the resume writing service for example, I could see reviews and recommendations for each service. The stars beside each service was intuitive. Clicking on each link ( for example) brought me to the review page. The public commented and voted on the service which resulted in the number of stars (I believed) – nice. The Facebook like, twitter and share buttons needed to be more prominent to encourage more sharing.

Next 20 mins

As I digged in more and more, I found each sections a world of its own. Thumbs up to the author. He/She must have put in a lot of effort to create all these content.

fig 3. What happened to the job map page?

Every page that I visited seemed to be “seoed” but lacked tagging. It would be good if I could find all related post all in one go using tags. I was particularly interested in the people behind the scene but couldn’t find any till I saw the staff link under the sitemap. A lot of pages had empty spaces below the content area due to the right column. Again, I thought that the right column needed to be revisited.

I was surprised to find a forum on the site as I know that maintaining and promoting a forum is always difficult. It could be a setback if nobody uses it. As expected, The forum needed more spark to kick off.


In conclusion, is a website with great resource for job seekers. It would have enough information to keep a job seeker entertained for hours. On the other hand, a lot could be done In terms of design and layout. There was room for improvement in terms of graphics consistency (spacing, quality, size, rounded corners…etc. The site is definitely moving in the right direction and has a great future ahead.

Web Hosting Buzz in UK is a popular UK based Web Hosting provider. They provide a variety of web, reseller and VPS hosting packages for individuals, small or large businesses. The site seems to have the bells and whistles of a modern day Web Hosting Website.


I always think the the homepage is the most important page of the site as it is usually the entry point for many visitors. I saw what I expected to see of a web hosting website when I visited – visible phone support number, live chat link and attractive plans right on your face.

The main menu was on the top. I thought they were all self explanatory and easy to navigate. Just like other top level menu items, I thought the “Company Information” link should be clickable though just for the sake of consistency. If it is too hard to create a separate page, perhaps linking it to the first item of the drop down (Leadership Team) could be an easy solution.

As my eyes moved down to the content area, I was drawn towards the “Current Special Offers” and “Green Hosting”. Images work very well to capture attention of the visitors and I actually hope to see more fun graphics in this site. The content explaining why they are the leading web hosting provider in UK and Europe on the left is good but a bit hard to digest. There need to be more breathing spacing between each line of text which can be fixed easily using CSS.

The footer is also too much to digest. The paragraph of “Further Hosting Information” could go to the “Technology” or other sections and I thought the “30 day money back guarantee” paragraph should be in a more prominent place.

The header pic of the cpu looked OK on the homepage but I got a bit bored after seeing it appearing on every other pages (how about rotating the header graphic?). I also thought that the blog, forums and affiliate links beside the logo on the top left seemed to be too small and out of place – yes it was a bit cluttered up there. How about a separate menu to contain those links?

Main Focus of the Site

The main sections of the site should be Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting and VPS Hosting because these would be the pages that actually convert.

fig 1. The Web Hosting Page

In the Web hosting section (fig 1), the grid-like hosting packages comparison chart gives people a clear idea of what to expect from each package. Highlighting the “Hosting Silver” (or should it be Silver Hosting?) package is also good – this is a good deal. Buy it Now! Since this is the conversion page, I don’t mind the “Buy Now” button being more prominent. The “Expand for full plan specification” popup is also good as users won’t get flooded with the details upon arrival of this page. I also like the “Learn more about Web Hosting section” as it is very usable.

Injecting a bit of icons just like the VPS Hosting page might be another idea to make this page more interesting. Graphics is the only lacking thing in this page.

Something Out Of The Blue

Fig 2. Fun cartoon characters

The page that stood out from the rest was actually the Leadership Team page simply because it broke the monotony of the site – injecting a bit of fun is always good to make your potential customers feel good. Perhaps another idea is to use real photographs.


Unlike other web hosting company, I believe that the people behind have spend a lot of time thinking about their corporate image and customer experience when designing the site. The content was carefully thought of and blocks of information were strategically placed. Except the checkout page (different software?), the whole site was quite consistent in terms layout and design.

In conclusion, I would say that this is an above average web hosting website. I would like to see more life in the site though – more interactive content and graphics.

SEO Specialists in Australia is an australian based seo company providing seo services since 2007. Other than providing their own unique Organic Search Acceleration service which many businesses claimed to get good results from, they also offer other SEO services like Market and Keyword Analysis, Competitor Analysis Report, Site SEO Audit Report and Site Blueprint Report. Like many other SEO websites, I found the website quite wordy and stuffed with keywords.

The homepage looked simple and the layout was predictable for a typical SEO site. The top navigation contained the important links with no fancy menus. Orange color was prominent (could that be because of the company’s name?). I thought their message was very simple in the header “Online Marketing and SEO Specialists” and it would be very hard to miss. The Organic Search Accelerator diagram was good but the HTML used for that section was ugly. As a result of poor HTML, the image seemed to be repeating in my firefox, ie instead of using a table and a background image, that section could easily be re-written using divs.

The right column contained a subscription link, some company logos and a testimonial. I hoped the right column could be more dynamic. It looked quite boring with the same testimonial on every pages.

I found the text used in the site a bit cramped. Perhaps a bit breathing space between each line and bigger font size would be good. My attention was drawn to the images rather than the text, so I suggest the owner to have more graphics to explain their services rather than using plain small text (I know, I know… its all for SEO).

The search engine optimization and SEO Services section were probably the wordiest of all. It would take one a lot of patience to read them. I liked the idea of using some illustrations to break up the text in those pages. Having embedded videos to explain the services might also be a cool idea.

Fig 1. Alignment issue in the contact us page

I also saw some usability issues in the forms used in the site. The submit button in the contact us form was too small and the login page looked ugly. There were alignment issues here and there but they didn’t seem to affect the functionality of the site.


The owner of might want to consider making the website more friendly by injecting more graphics with different colors. Pictures of real people are good and convincing. Personally, I would also add more dynamic elements to the right column and individual pages to make the site more lively. I could not find any traces of social media in the site at all – Facebook and Twitter widgets would also be cool.

Rank better and earn more is the website of a German-based SEO company specialising in link building and search engine optimisation. Users are able to log into the site and buy/sell links in a user friendly marketplace.

Form and Function

Like a typical SEO website, advice was filled with text. The website looked pretty standard with the logo on the top left, recipe main navigation on the top, medical news on the right column and a standard footer. The layout was pretty consistent across all the pages. The navigation was two tier but I found the second tier hard to spot though – they only appear if you click on the main menu.. Perhaps showing the second level menu on mouseover might make them more obvious.

The homepage message was clear – Rank Better and Earn More. The “register free of charge” button below the top menu was also obvious even though I thought it could be more obvious (bigger button?). Beside the button was the text – “seo analyses”, “link building service” and “ranking check”. I was not sure if these text were meant to constitute a process. If they were, maybe having some arrows to show a process? If they were not, then I felt they looked quite redundant. From the menu and homepage, it looked like the site wanted to convey three messages: marketplace, link building service and ranking check.

The marketplace section allows users to sell and get backlinks themselves. This section was filled with text as well. While I appreciate the importance of explaining the seo benefits to the user, I also hoped to see more graphics instead. The webmaster might consider a separate section to explain the seo benefits so as to allow the core site to focus on usability.

fig 1. Lengthy text explaining the benefits of having backlinks

User have to do a lot of reading to understand what the website is about but I found the text used in the site quite small and hard to read. I believe having lesser text and more diagrams would improve usability and encourage more signups. The webmaster should also showcase more testimonials and case studies. I only saw little case studies on the right column under the linkbuilding service section. These were not even case studies per say. The company should describe how they achieved top rankings for others and how people praised them for it – some photos would be a bonus.

fig 2. RankingScore

The rankingscore and rankingindex were interesting. It looked like teliad developed their own point system to determine the strength and visibility of a url. I thought these two services were handy, maybe we can have some quick links to these pages on the right column.

fig 3. Photos of the management

The about us section told us a bit about the company and contained pictures of the management. I thought the section was well written but again, I would love to see more pictures of the office with friendly staffs. I also liked the fact that the website had other sites in different domains, ie,, and Allowing viewers to view the site in languages that they like is always a bonus.

Conclusion was a fully functional and serious website. There was a lot of seo juice in the texts but I suggest the management to consider having lesser text and more graphics or videos to improve usability, hence encouraging more signups. They can educate the users about seo somewhere else. Modern websites have a lot of space. and one good example would be The right column should also be better utilised as they do not seem to be making any impact at the moment.

FaceFlow – A Web-Based Video Website

Upon entering the site, sales I questioned exactly what it was. The graphics and introduction text indicated that it had something to do with video, patient but did not offer enough information above the fold as to why I would want to use it since I already use a video conferencing program.

The look and feel is a clean web2.0 layout, there however, there is no navigation menu, making it difficult to pinpoint exactly what is being offered. The main focus area flips through three informational bits that tell you that you can use FaceFlow for video conferencing, group chat and to meet people. However, it does not state clearly enough that you do not have to download any software to use the program. This would be nice to know immediately.

Fig1: Focus Area - Needs a clearer message

The graphics in the focal area are of a decent quality, but to me, they are not clear enough to sell a user into signing up for the service. I would totally redesign this focal area, stating clearly that FaceFlow is a free web-based video conferencing service that requires no software download. I would design a single graphic that details this versus the three screens they currently rotate.

Also within the focus area, there is a link for a faceflow youtube video and the quality is good, but that still does not give enough information about what it is or why I would want to use it. The video immediately states that “FaceFlow is easy to use, sign up for free”. This is not what I expect in an introduction video. I instead expected, more details about what it is, why I should use it, how I can use it, THEN show me the sign up process.

Scrolling down the page offers some resolve to the question of what the capabilities of the program are but again does not offer enough information about what FaceFlow IS, or why I would want to use it.

The focus is obviously on getting a user to sign up for the service, but I personally do not just sign up for things that I am unsure of. It would need to be useful to me, and I just do not get that message within the main page of the site. As mentioned above, I feel that the main page content needs to be rethought out.

Fig2: "Why" is finally answered

I decided to click on the link under the instant messaging heading and was taken to a page that offered more details on the IM portion of their service. At the top of the page, I finally got what I was looking for on the front page – text that states why I would want to use FaceFlow. However, past that I was stuck… again, the lack of navigation was an issue. There was also a features link at the footer but that seems to come in a bit late.

Fig3: Navigation with SEO (not users) in mind

There is no Home button, so I usually click on a logo to go home, but it was not click-able. Scrolling to the bottom offers a navigation menu (mind you that it is different than the one offered on the home page) that did get me back to the home page, but did NOT offer me any clear idea of navigating around the site for information. The menu instead is created for SEO purposes and not for users.

I did click from link to link within the text areas of each page so I was able to view all of the pages in the site, but an average user would not think to do this. They would be confused and just leave. Also noted in my perusing the pages, the fonts used in the sign up buttons change three times, the visited link are the standard purple and do not fit within the scheme of the design, and the spacing of the footer navigation needs some attention – should be laid out as it is on the home page throughout the site.

I would guess that faceflow could be a good product to connect with friends using only a browser, but cannot sense that this would be a useful business tool.  However, with some attention to the details of their message mentioned in this review, FaceFlow could rebrand itself as an application that speaks to businesses as well as average users.

Who is Hosting This?

“Who Is Hosting This” is a website devoted to helping you discover which web host any website uses. There’s reviews on hosting, pharm hosting coupons, nurse a blog and a forum.

Form and function

While it’s about time someone came up with a handy tool for this and a website comparing hosting deals, you can’t help but wonder what’s in it for them…..and the bland design with advertising thrown in only highlights this. My first impression of the site design was pretty ordinary. It has a reasonable layout that looks like a business template, lots of matching colour co-ordination in blue, black and white, an OK logo and normal text. I guess if you’re marketing to web developers and IT people then this would be quite acceptable. If you’re trying to market to web designers, you would lose them from lack of interest. It seems as though companies who want to attract business this days compete against each other on who can look the most boring – and if their product is lacking in any way, they’ll puzzle over what happened.


fig 1. This looks like advertising to me!

In Who Is Hosting This, the main selling point is their interesting tool to find out who is hosting which website. This is on the main page for convenience and it could stand out a bit more as it took me a minute to find it. A minor point is that the font styles are different to each other even in the same module, such as the “Review Your Host & Win!” – surely CSS wouldn’t be doing that? But overall, the design and layout is acceptable and the content is dressed up advertising which is often used these days and is read by more people than we think, although not with interest.

I’m not quite sure why a company which came up with a nice, simple tool for IT’ers would want to build reviews, blogs, forums, coupons etc around the product, which is free. Obviously the tool is just a grabber, to get you to go to the site and the rest is to make sure you buy something from one of the advertised (reviewed) hosting sites. I’d hardly say the site was unbiased, based on the hosting company banners displayed on it. And the filing cabinet graphic on the main page which says “100% free” is like saying “we do not charge for the useless crap on this site”.

If the Who Is Hosting tool is so well-liked (and lots of people seem to like it in the forum), then why not push the envelope and create new and better tools that are also useful to people? Try and find a product that everyone will actually want to use. Eventually, if they are useful enough, people will pay good money to own them. WhoIsHosting could remain the freebie tool to get traffic and get people to check out the other company products.

The one part of the site which stood as being a bit original, besides the Who Is Hosting This tool, was the blog, which had interesting and relevant content on it.


fig 2. The blog has some cool and original content.

Coding is CMS mixed – CSS, javascript, html etc etc. Clicktale for SEO has been added.

Loading time is fast and all navigational links appear to work. These guys are also seo experts. I got a feeling that every single page in the site is carefully optimised.


fig 3. Might need to reword some items too.


The home page is simple and effective – thumbs up (many people actually forget about this). Although the website loads fast and functions OK, it is quite bland and needs a bit more work if it wants to stand out and be memorable. It offers lots of advertising fluff built around a main free product and more products are needed if it wants to go places.

I was especially interested in the registered company in charge of Why did they call themselves “Quality Nonsense Ltd”?

Accessible Website Design


Website Accessible assist websites to meet website accessibility standards and offer new websites and website re-designs. My first impression of the website was quite ghastly as I find it astounding in modern web design that there is no actual “graphic design” work in the website, decease simply coding (ie, it looks like the most boring Joomla template you can find).


While no doubt the author has thought well about such things as SEO, loading times and content, my interest was close to zero as the bare minimum of images and colour schemes make it look even less attractive than a get-rich-quick page. Then again, I guess you don’t need bells and whistles to get your website onto a PDA or mobile phone.

The first warning bells for the customer who wants design work done would be the lack of a distinctive logo. While it’s great to have ALL text on the website easily readable, you’d think a business advertising re-designs would pay some attention to having a memorable brand logotype.

Layout is quite acceptable and simple. I’d be quite sceptical about the design abilities of the person who created this website (although I’m not questioning their programming ability).

The navigation of Website Accessible is excellent – this is where the simplicity is useful – although I’d like to see better naming of the Policy page, which is more like a Business Objective or “Our Aim” page.

Fonts are very boring but this is not so much the author’s fault as a generic and ongoing web design problem (the lack of exciting fonts gets many designers annoyed). At least the font is a good size (web standards advocate reasonably sized fonts for older people).

I’d recommend putting some colour into the website, not just using white as a foreground and background colour. Create an exciting banner and create a logotype which compels people to look at the site. Personalise the site a bit by putting a photo of the business or the people or anything to make this site more interesting and unique.

Also, I think the “skip to content” link at the top should be deleted as it’s not very helpful.


The content is reasonable and explains enough in a businesslike manner. The author explains what accessible website design means and why it is important. However, the impression I am getting is that an accessible website cannot be both accessible and exciting at the same time.

Since there are no pictures to display and nothing else to hold up the loading time, Website Accessible has a fast loading time. It meets web standards and would do well in SEO and reaching the audience intended, although hanging onto the audience might be another matter.

Coded with CSS, I was impressed by the “No WYSIWYG editors putting additional code or formatting in. Just hand coded to ensure the code is valid” statement, even though this could be said of 95% of quality websites out there. It’s not really a unique selling point. In my experience the customer doesn’t care about the how, only results.


I think Website Accessible need to think about what kind of business they want, as they are talented at creating accessible websites but seem to poor on appearance or personalised content. If they want to market the design/re-design they might be better off stating that they “improve communications”, “expose websites to the world” etc, as mentioning design/re-design implies a makeover of appearance as well as code and if it can confuse me it could confuse anyone!

If the intention was only to design websites for handheld devices or only to design for accessibility, not eye candy, Website Accessible has achieved that objective well enough.


fig 1. This website needs some colour!


fig 2. The logo is not eyecatching.