Editor’s Choice Award

Our job is to review websites and recognize those that show professionalism in terms of design or/and content. Websites that win the award may display our banner in their site. Simply copy the image and paste it in your site, linking it back to us if you wish.


The Content Excellence Award is given to websites that excels in providng unique content or services.


The Design Excellence Award is given to websites that excels in usability and design.


The Best Of The Web Award is given to websites that excels both in content and design.

All our award winners are located in the Hall of Fame section.

Why is our website award different from other awards?
Many of us are web designers/developers who have many years of experience in the web industry. We are the people in the field, driven by passion and living with the web everyday – You can trust our judgement.

Unlike other web awards, we don’t just give an award, we also give you the details and tell you why your website is good. The whole internet community has the right to comment on our review as well. Both your website and the review will be forever immortalised in our Hall of Fame section.

Our website is visited by many everyday – just imagine the amount of exposure you will be getting.

What does it mean to win an award?
We work with the web everyday and your website should be a rare find in order to qualify for an award. You cannot buy our award. If your website wins an award, it means that it fully deserves it. We are confident that the quality of our editor’s choice award is so high that if you can win it, you can win any other web awards out there.