Fitness Business Radio Media Kit

Throughout my seven years in the design industry, I’ve worked with many clients who directed me through every facet of a project from typesize to colors used. So when a client places their 100% trust in me and my abilities, and gives me creative carte blanche, it’s always special. This was the case for my recent collaboration with Fitness Business Radio.

Fitness Business Radio launched in the Fall of 2005. It is a weekly podcast (which can be downloaded at that focuses on all aspects of the fitness industry, from management to PR. They were in need of a complete media kit, as well as a stationary set (business card, letterhead, mailing label & envelope). When researching the competition, I not only focused on other businesses in the same sector, but also educated myself on what other people were doing to promote their podcasts in general, as the technology is relatively new. After reviewing everything and taking into consideration the audience, I decided to incorporate bold hues and dynamic shapes & graphics to not only emphasize the fitness aspect, but also to hint that listening to Fitness Business Radio can add new energy to any pre-existing business plan. The topics discussed and ideas presented on the program are definitely lively and beneficial in that sense. Each insert page in the Media Kit was stacked and color-coordinated so that when opened, information was easy to find. Pull-quotes and large taglines were also added for visual interest to those just skimming the pages (which is more common than people actually reading every word). The stationary set borrows design elements from the Media Kit, and the end result is a coordinated, consistent piece that has garnered high reviews from everyone who receives it. Fitness Business Radio is consistently rated the number one podcast in it’s field and is now on it’s way to reaching over 40,000 listeners each week.

About The Author

Deborah is an award winning designer who has seen her personal work featured in gallery exhibits around the world, as well as in coffee-table art tomes. She currently operates Oblada Creative (, a creative boutique that caters to many well-known international clients. Her focus is on providing unique solutions for unique individuals, coupled with “white glove” service.